Iperius Remote

Le logiciel idéal pour le contrôle et l'assistance à distance. Bureau à distance, support, transfert de fichiers, chat.


  • Remote control for Windows PC / Server
  • No firewall configuration
  • Ideal for technical support and assistance
  • Multiple connections
  • Integrated and multi-user chat
  • Bidirectional file transfer
  • Encryption and secure HTTPS protocol
  • Installation as a Windows service
  • Automatic and unattended connection
  • Unlimited destination computers

Simple et fiable

Iperius Remote is the software for technical support and remote connection to Windows PCs and servers. Thanks to a freeware license and low-cost professional licenses, it is the ideal solution for companies that provide technical support to customers via remote connection. Iperius Remote includes advanced features such as unattended automatic connection, file transfer and the possibility of multiple connections.

Iperius Suite

Iperius Remote is one of the tools of the Iperius software suite, essential tools to increase productivity and business security. Iperius Backup, to secure data from faults, thefts and ransomware viruses - Iperius Remote, to remotely control any PC or server and to provide remote support to customers - Iperius Storage, to save your data in the cloud - Iperius Console, to monitor your backups and your IT infrastructure.

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2 connexions simultanées - Ordinateurs de destination illimités 5 connexions simultanées - Ordinateurs de destination illimités 10 connexions simultanées - Ordinateurs de destination illimités 15 connexions simultanées - Ordinateurs de destination illimités
  • Connexions multiples
  • Démarrage automatique pour l'accès sans surveillance
  • Chat et transfert de fichiers
  • Ordinateurs de destination illimités

Want to see how easy it is to connect to your computer or any computer connected to the internet?

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