Iperius Backup 4.3.3


Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • Nouvelle interface graphique pour la fenêtre principale
  • Plusieurs améliorations et optimisations
Bugs corrigés
  • Correction d'un problème lors de l'installation des fonctionnalités de sauvegarde d'images disques sur 2012 Server.
  • Quelques bugs mineurs corrigés

Iperius Backup 4.3.2


Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • Plusieurs améliorations mineures
  • Compatibilité Windows 10
Bugs corrigés
  • Sauvegarde sur Amazon S3 : Correction d'un problème d'authentification sur certaines régions
  • Sauvegarde ESX i: Correction d'une erreur générique de connexion sur certains systèmes

Iperius Backup 4.3.1


Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • New option to avoid showing in the log the files deleted by the synchronization
  • Network authentication improved
  • Tape backup: added a new option to make the full backup on a specific day
  • Zip backup: now you can use a shadow copy as backuo source
  • Several improvements and optimizations
Bugs corrigés
  • Synchronization: now Iperius correctly removes also hidden files
  • Fixed a connection problem for Microsoft Azure Storage
  • Fixed a problem in showing dates on systems with custom settings for date/time format

Iperius Backup 4.3.0


Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • Backup to OneDrive: now it is supported the upload of files up to 10 GB
  • Backup to Amazon S3: now it is possible to choose the bucket region
  • OneDrive: now the backup can be sent to a subfolder and there is a new option for bandwidth limitation
  • Amazon S3: AWS 4 authentication is now supported (required for example for the "EU Frankfurt" region)
  • Several improvements and optimizations
Bugs corrigés
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 4.2.4


Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • ESXi Backup: now Iperius shows the snapshot progress
  • MySQL/MariaDB Backup: now it's possible to exclude specific databases
  • MySQL/MariaDB Backup: added automatic network authentication
Bugs corrigés
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 4.2.3


Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • FTP Backup: upload speed increased in several situations and with high speed connections
  • Several improvements and optimizations
Bugs corrigés
  • Fixed a problem in showing ESXi virtual machines
  • Fixed a slowness problem in copying NTFS file permissions thanks to a new option
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 4.2.2


Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • Backup ESXi / ESXi Free: several improvements and optimizations
Bugs corrigés
  • Fixed a problem that could cause program closing when showing ESXi virtual machines
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 4.2.1


Nouvelles fonctionnalités
  • New graphical interface in the backup configuration window
  • ESXi backup: now .log files are automatically excluded from the download
  • Several updates and improvements in the cloud backup
Bugs corrigés
  • Backup to Google Drive: fixed an upload error of multiple items when the maximum number of copies was reached
  • Some minor bugs fixed

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